deVere at 20: financial giant celebrates two decades with new plans

As deVere Group celebrates its 20th anniversary today as a global leader of international financial services, its CEO and founder sets out his visions for the world’s first ‘digital financial city.’

Two decades ago today (Tuesday) London-born Nigel Green launched deVere Group from offices in downtown Hong Kong. 

Today, the game-changing Group spans the globe and is one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory, asset management and fintech organisations, consisting of more than 100 legal entities.

He says: “This is a major milestone for us – and, indeed, the industry. There are very few, if any, organisations in our sector that have lasted as long, or with as much success.

“From the very beginning, our evolution has always been about growth, change and innovation with our client-first culture at the heart of everything we do.

“We don’t rest on our laurels.  Thanks to the hard work, talent and commitment of our teams around the world, we have now built a family of more than 100 businesses from scratch within two decades.

“These entities include financial advisory, insurance, low-cost investment solutions, asset management, online banking and pioneering fintech, amongst other areas – all of them committed to serving clients through best practice and governance models.”

Much of the evolution of which Nigel Green speaks has been focused on fintech (financial technology), which is redefining and reshaping how financial services are delivered.

The shifts we’re seeing now are seemingly unstoppable with the industry undergoing fundamental change at an increasing pace.

deVere has long been at the forefront of this revolution, with a suite of offerings long before most people had even heard of fintech.

“I believe this lightning advance in technology is immensely positive, and demand will continue to pick up momentum for a host of reasons,” says the CEO.

“Fintech boosts financial inclusion as it provides secure, convenient, and affordable global digital payments, making a life-changing difference to millions around the world. Fintech firms are literally helping people out of poverty and generating a more financially inclusive world.

“In addition, an increasing number of people now require all their financial services needs to be managed via mobile or online. It’s about 24/7, anywhere access, and maintaining pace with shifting consumer habits.

“Businesses also benefit as fintech offers firms pioneering ways to bolster the client experience, cut costs and meet regulatory requirements.

“As the fintech sector grows, it will continue to play a key role in forming the future of financial services to provide the smooth, contextualized experience demanded by consumers. I truly believe fintech will create a better tomorrow.”

Now sometimes describing his organisation as a “wealth tech” one, the serial fintech entrepreneur believes that artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, cryptocurrencies and blockchain, amongst other drivers, will transform the space like never before in coming years.

After 20 years, deVere is an unquestionable success story within the industry, but Nigel Green is now focused on making sure the organisation is well-positioned for many more successful decades to come. 

He reveals: “One of our key future goals is to create the world’s first digital financial city, comprising an entire suite of cutting-edge tech solutions in one place. In essence, our very own digital-based financial ecosystem.

“It will be a consolidated ‘one-stop shop’ for offering and accessing various financial products and services from insurance to investments, pensions to mortgages and banking, amongst others.”

The deVere CEO concludes: “We’re hugely excited for the next 20 years and beyond which will be filled with immense opportunities, responsibilities and possibilities for innovation.”

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