deVere CEO appointed to Thailand’s National Innovation Agency

Nigel Green, the CEO and founder of deVere Group, has been appointed to the National Innovation Agency (a public agency) of Thailand, it has been announced.

NIA is a leading organisation on innovation promotion in Thailand, to enhance the country’s innovation performance at the international level.

It has launched an International Advisory Board (IAB), a top-tier committee providing global perspectives and visions on the future of innovation. 

Of Nigel Green’s appointment, Salin Deosurin, Senior Innovation Strategist, says: “The IAB is a panel of selective international experts in innovation-related fields.

“Nigel’s experience and wisdom in finance and fintech will be invaluable to our organisation and to Thailand. It’s our great honour to have him as an IAB member.”

For his part, the deVere CEO comments: “I’m honoured to have been invited by Thailand’s NIA to become an adviser.

“I very much look forward to working to support this thriving, dynamic nation develop and grow the key sectors of financial services and fintech.

“Southeast Asia’s already second-largest economy has enormous potential and I’m excited to play a part to help maximise this.”

The National Innovation Agency is the “primary agency responsible for strengthening the national innovation ecosystem”, which is regarded as the answer to Thailand’s numerous challenges.

The Bangkok-based NIA’s mission is to support and develop Thailand’s innovation system, by way of improvement and initiation, to promote economic restructuring and competitive enhancement.

NIA functions as the key engine driving national innovation by co-creation, networking, fostering and partnering with different organizations from various fields such as academic, technology, industry, finance and investment.

Its main focus is on utilizing knowledge management to achieve innovation, particularly to foster “innovation on cluster platform” which uses innovation as the principal tool in improving quality of life and driving toward an increasingly competitive economy.


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