deVere Group – a success story spanning two decades

deVere Group was founded by Nigel Green in 2002. Unwilling to work “for poor, weak or unmotivated managers,” he made the decision to set up his own business himself, basing it on his own work ethic.

The company was set up relatively quickly, with people who genuinely wanted to work with Nigel. Within just a few months, it had offices in numerous countries. The main objective was being the globe’s top financial advisory group, while adhering to the strictest regulatory practices.

‘Passion,’ ‘perseverance,’ ‘innovation,’ and ‘energy’ are some of the most frequently used words that are closely associated with Nigel. He is a man with exceptional vision and an excellent eye for business.

The secret to an outstanding career? Passion and enthusiasm.

Upon meeting him, one immediately comes to the realisation that Nigel harbours true passion and enthusiasm for his chosen career – something which he transmits to all the hard-working members of the deVere Group of companies.

As CEO, Nigel is very much present in the day-to-day workings of the group of companies, motivating his team members to be the absolute best that they can be in their chosen career, while offering top-notch financial services.

deVere Group team members benefit from regular personal contact right from the top. Nigel is adamant that all employees within the organisation feel appreciated, respected, and understood. His is a true example of someone who leads by example to cultivate long-term working relationships with deVere Group clients which are based on trust.

Hard work pays off

The deVere Group and Nigel himself have been the recipients of numerous awards and accolades over the year. One of the most recent awards saw Nigel being named  one of CIO Bulletin’s 10 Best CEOs to Watch 2022.

deVere Group Nigel Green

Moreover, Nigel’s contributions as an expert in the financial sphere are also sought after by several well-known, established and world-renowned publications and news web portals.

deVere Group – a client-first organisation

From the get-go, Nigel has always taken a future-focused approach as the figurehead of the deVere Group of companies. According to him, the best way for the Group to remain at the top is to continually adjust to competition, the latest technologies and ever-changing client behaviour, by continuously improving and discovering innovative ways of doing things.

To this end, the Group provides a wide range of financial and wealth management services together with ground-breaking digital solutions.

deVere Group prides itself on being a financial advising client-first organisation, offering a worldwide, 24/7 service to its esteemed clients. It currently boasts over 100,000 clients – made up of both individuals and corporations.

The Group’s highly skilled, qualified, dedicated and committed wealth management advisors, are very much the backbone of the company. They are passionate about making sure that their clients secure their long-term financial objectives, wherever they are in the world.

If you are interested in reaching your financial goals , book a consultation with one of deVere Group’s top financial advisors today.

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