deVere Group-owned WPS Advisory named UK’s Best Retirement Advisory

WPS Advisory, a wholly owned subsidiary of deVere Group, has been named ‘Best Retirement Advisory – United Kingdom 2022’ by Pan Finance International in their prestigious annual awards.

Pan Finance “shines a spotlight on leading examples of best practice across the world of finance in these exacting times,” says a spokesperson for the awards.

“Established to be a true measure of excellence, the awards look beyond the realm of the balance sheet alone, measuring success through innovation, stewardship of the environment and positive impact on society.”

Of the winning the accolade, deVere Group CEO and founder Nigel Green comments: “To be crowned as the UK’s Best Retirement Advisory is testament to the unrivalled expertise and dedication of the entire WPS Advisory team.

“I’m particularly thrilled as it rightly recognises and showcases how this deVere Group-owned company, which operates in a highly regulated market, has best practice and good governance in its DNA.

“In a highly competitive market with evolving regulatory requirements, changing market conditions and shifting client expectations, WPS consistently deliver above and beyond to those who trust them with their retirement planning.

“This is evidenced by the calibre and size of firms and pension schemes, many of whom are amongst the very largest in the UK, who trust us to provide high-quality retirement advice to their employees, former employees and scheme members.

“WPS’s reputation for delivering world-class, outcomes-driven financial advice is galvanised by this accolade.”

WPS Advisory CEO, Simon Chrystal, says: “All of us at WPS are incredibly proud of the recognition this award provides. We take immense pride in creating and evidencing informed decisions that always deliver to the needs and wants of our customers. 

“Without the consistent backing from our parent company and Nigel Green personally – the support they provide – this would not have been possible. There is more to do, and we will, individually and collectively, be seeking to set even higher standards going forward.”

Nigel Green concludes: “WPS Advisory’s success at the awards is well deserved. I look forward to helping this game-changing, deVere Group-owned company become even more successful throughout 2023 and beyond.”

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