deVere’s dVAM launches new equity fund with Columbia Threadneedle Investments

One of the world’s largest independent financial advisory and fintech organisations, deVere Group, has launched a new global equity fund to seek out companies with a sustainable competitive advantage under its dVAM brand.


Managed for dVAM by Columbia Threadneedle Investments, Global Equity Focus Strategy is the latest offering from deVere’s investment product advisory division that was established in 2018.


Nigel Green, deVere Group CEO, says: “We’re extremely pleased that deVere has leveraged its considerable size and strength within the industry to bring this exclusive fund to market.


“This low-cost dVAM fund will use the extensive global resources and expertise of Columbia Threadneedle Investments to find those quality companies with a sustainable edge that are able to continually grow their earnings above the market. 


“This, together with our existing suite of products from major global financial institutions, will help best-position our clients to be able to achieve their medium to long-term financial objectives.”


Client Portfolio Manager at Columbia Threadneedle Investments, Andrew Harvie, notes: “The Global Equity Focus Strategy is a concentrated, high conviction global equity strategy which has a differentiated quality approach where the focus is on understanding the source of and risk to a company’s competitive advantage.”


He adds: “Combined with a deep regional research expertise, this allows us to create a best ideas portfolio from across the globe which is unconstrained by regional boundaries. This investment philosophy has delivered excellent performance and is 5-star rated by Morningstar.”


The team applies Porter’s Five Forces to assess how a market supports durable competitive advantages. These Forces are the threat of new entrants, the threat of substitutes, the bargaining power of customers, the bargaining power of suppliers, and competitive rivalry.


These can enable companies to sustain above-average growth, and high or improving returns on capital.


The deVere CEO concludes: “The launch of Global Equity Focus Strategy underscores again our ongoing commitment to our clients of bringing new defined, clear and better value solutions to market.”

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