UAE, New Zealand, Italy named as Top 3 destinations for financial services grads

deVere Group, a global leader in providing specialist cross-border financial advice to international investors and expatriates, has announced the top three destinations for the organisation's financial graduates to live and work in the first half of 2024.

These are the United Arab Emirates (UAE), New Zealand, and Italy. 

This trend reflects the growing demand for international financial advisory services from high-net-worth (HNW) individuals in these regions, driven by robust economic opportunities and regulatory incentives.

Of the findings, Nigel Green, deVere Group CEO comments: "The UAE remains a prime destination for graduates, buoyed by its strategic position as a global financial hub and its appeal to migrating millionaires. 

"Foreign-born individuals account for more than 40% of the millionaire population in the UAE, and the majority of them will need specialist financial advice. 

"Graduates are drawn to the UAE's well-developed banking and wealth management systems, tax-free income, and the opportunity to work in a vibrant, multicultural environment. 

"Additionally, the UAE offers several residency schemes for investors, including long-term visas for entrepreneurs and investors."

New Zealand continues to attract graduates with its progressive regulatory environment and increasing number of HNW individuals. 

"The country's 'golden visa' scheme, known as the Active Investor Plus Visa, requires an investment of at least $5 million, offering residency to wealthy investors. 

"This, combined with a strong emphasis on quality education, healthcare, and high standards of living, makes New Zealand an appealing destination for those looking to relocate for their careers and for the many lifestyle benefits." 

Italy's blend of rich cultural heritage and dynamic business environment makes it a top choice for graduates. 

"The country is experiencing a rise in foreign-born millionaires, who seek Italy's robust banking and wealth management systems, investment opportunities in global stock markets, and the high quality of life – and they will require international financial advice to ensure they fulfil their expat status to their full financial advantage.

Cities like Milan are particularly attractive for their financial sectors. Italy also offers the "Investor Visa for Italy," granting residency to non-EU citizens who invest significantly in the country, providing access to the Schengen Area."

Nigel Green, CEO and Founder of deVere Group, continues: "We're excited to see the UAE, New Zealand, and Italy leading as preferred destinations for our graduates. 

"These countries not only offer excellent career opportunities but also cater to the sophisticated financial needs of migrating millionaires. 

"Our graduates are well-positioned to meet the growing demand for specialist financial advice in these markets, contributing to their dynamic economies. At deVere Group, we are committed to equipping our professionals with the expertise and all resources required to excel globally."

Other popular destinations for deVere's financial graduates include Australia, Spain and Portugal.

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